Importance of Computers In Education

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Computers have revolutionized the way we live and work. There is hardly any field in which computers do not play a very significant role. Education too has grown beyond learning from textbooks. The internet is a much better treasure trove of information.

Importance of Computers In Education

Computers as tutors:

Computers can be very effective tutors. Having a computer as a tutor means, the student can learn at his or her own pace. The computer will never tire of teaching the subject repeatedly until the student is completely clear of all his doubts. The computer can be tailored to suit the requirements of the students.

Computers as teaching aid:

As a teaching tool, computers have infinite possibilities. With the use of visuals and audio, learning is a lot livelier. The otherwise dull lesson can become fun with the use of computers. Difficult subjects can be explained easily by employing modern audio-visual presentations.

Empowering students with Information:

The computer used to access the internet, which is arguably the most extensive library in the world. With the internet, the students’ curiosity can be kindled to explore the unknown.

Virtual Reality:

Development of virtual reality has enabled students to access virtual tours, which allows them to explore environments or objects within the classroom. This helps them in getting the first-hand information on the concepts they find difficult to understand. Virtual reality provides an alternative to expensive and time consuming field trips.

Empowering the teachers:

Computers not only help the students, but they can also be of immense help to the teachers. Teachers can refer to the internet for additional information and reference on the topics to be taught. It can also help them in setting test papers, frame questions and provide project ideas. The Internet offers a wide variety of activities for teachers and widens their horizons.

Reaching more Students:

Computers and the internet can help the teachers and institutions in reaching more students. Every school or college is limited to a finite number of students that can be accommodated in a classroom. However, with the use of computers, literally, the entire world is a classroom. Computers and internet can be a blessing to students in remote locations and enable them to get the best of education right from home. Computers are also a boon to students who are home-bound due to illness or disability.

Communicate and collaborate:

With the use of computers and Internet, students can interact with students and institutions across the globe. Students can take up collaborative research and development worldwide. Students get to know of the advancements in their respective fields by interacting with fellow students worldwide.

Can help in saving the Environment:

Computers are a great way of storing a significant amount of data without occupying large space. Using computers in schools can eliminate the use of paper. Teacher’s presentations, notes, and test papers can be stored and transferred to computers. Students can submit homework and assignments as soft copies. Data stored in electronic media is also more durable, and most memory devices are reusable.

Computers are without a doubt the best possible aid in education, and effective use of computers can prove fruitful to both teachers and students.

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