Pros and Cons of Purchasing An All-In-One PC

all-in-one computer

all-in-one computer

Should I purchase an all-in-one PC?

Basically, an All-in-one (AiO) PC is like a laptop that you use at your desk. These units are self-contained; there is a display along with all of the PC hardware backing it all in a slim and sleek package. Many of the leading manufacturers such as Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, and ASUS product AiO PCs. However, you may be wondering why you would want to get one instead of just getting a separate monitor and standard desktop. The following are pros and cons to purchasing an AiO PC so that you can make the final determination on whether to buy one or not.

Pros of An All-In-One

It is easier to transport an all-in-one PC.

Usually, desktop PCs have to remain in your home or office since it can be a really big hassle to transport the tower, monitor, peripherals, and cables.

However, if an AiO PC needs to be transported, usually you just have to move around one unit and a cable. If that AiO has a touchscreen then you won’t need to carry any peripherals with you, such as a mouse and keyboard.

Although it is easier to transport an AiO PC than a standard desktop computer, you still will want to get a laptop is you are somebody who is on the move a lot more than being in one place most of the time.

Less space is taken up by an all-in-one PC

AiO PCs continue to get slimmer on a daily basis, practically to the point where you might think one was a regular monitor. However, the inside contains all of the hardware that is necessary to operate the computer. Whether you have just a small area inside of your house, need to have a multi-PC set and would prefer to not have two to three towers surrounding your feet, or if you have lots of PCs in an office, getting rid of the attached towers that a standard desktop PC comes with will free up lots of space for you.

In an office setting, it is also nice to not have a lot of cables that attach monitors to towers which makes everything look a lot better to any prospective customers who visit your office.

A touchscreen experience can be provided by all-in-one PCs

Over the past couple of years, touchscreens have definitely progressed a lot. They are now featured by many Windows AiO PCs and laptops. The touch feature is excellent for design and artwork, particularly if you have something such as Microsoft Surface Studio which offers pen support.

There are also Windows 10 apps that work better using a touchscreen, and with a pen in particular. If you have used a tablet for any length of time and would like to upgrade to a PC, then an AiO that has a touchscreen with it will be familiar to you immediately and you won’t miss any additional functionality with the change either.

It is easier to set up an all-in-one PC

Not everybody is comfortable around a PC computer. They might have only used Apple products to this point or may haven’t ever learned to become familiar with the way that a PC works. If you are shopping for your first ever PC, then the simplicity of the AiO might be something that is attractive for you.

To set one up, you just need to plug it into the power outlet, and then turn on the power button. After that, just watch for Windows 10 to boot. Although a pre-built desktop PC is not much more difficult to get set up – you will need to plug in the monitor, speakers and other cables – so for new users, it is a good option.

PCs that come in several different pieces that need to be put together probably will be over the head of somebody who hasn’t spent much time around a PC’s hardware. So the bottom line is, if you are new to PCs, nothing is more simple than an AiO.

all-in-one computer

Cons of An All-In-One

It is more difficult to tinker with an all-in-one PC

AiO PCs are attractive and compact however, it is usually a lot more difficult to tinker with one if you are even able to get into it. Many times, the hardware that is located inside is either unreachable or soldered down. On the other hand, a regular desktop tower can be opened and has plenty of space inside of it. Usually, you can move around the hardware as much as you want.

Why would you want to tinker with a PC to begin? Maybe a hardware piece fails, like one of the USB port. With a standard desktop PC, those things can be repaired on your own if you have enough knowledge. However, with an AiO PC, you may go against your warranty or it may be impossible to get to the failed piece. In this case, you will have to send the whole unit in to be repaired and you won’t have your PC to use. That can be particularly frustrating if your display fails since you can continue to use a standard desktop PC while your monitor is being repaired or replaced.

It is more difficult to upgrade an all-in-one PC

Hardware for PCs is constantly being improved. Even when you purchase a PC that has the highest quality parts, it most likely will become dated within a couple of months or even sooner. Since a computer is an important investment, it can be difficult to reconcile the fact that the device that you spent a ton of money on isn’t the best that is available any longer.

To combat the problem of hardware becoming obsolete so quickly, you can easily upgrade standard desktop PCs. The tower can be opened, and the old hardware can be taken out and you can, for example, pop in a new graphics card that you just purchased.

Most AiO PCs don’t work that way. You don’t have much room to work with. Even if you were able to get inside of it and get the old hardware taken out, you would need a really special piece that exactly fit to put something new in. That also restricts what hardware can be placed inside of an AiO computer.

You are stuck with using just one display with an all-in-one PC

Along with the hardware upgrade restrictions that we just discussed, you also can only use one display for the AiO PC’s life, unless you put the AiO on the floor or on the side of your desk and then connect an external monitor to it.

It may seem like your AiO’s built-in display is a good fit at the moment, but what if you want something with a higher resolution or something bigger? Another complication is when there is a problem with the display. Rather than just purchasing a new monitor, you will need to either purchase a completely new AiO PC or have the whole thing repaired.

All-in-one PCs cost more

When purchasing an AiO, usually it is something that a specific company is putting together and branding. That means it will cost more compared to if you were to purchase separate hardware pieces and assemble it all on your own.


How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company


Making a Choice for Commercial Cleaning

Going online and doing a quick search will provide you with a lot of options when it comes to commercial cleaning companies in your local area. When this happens, you will find it hard to separate them from each other when it comes to choosing the right one for you, and this is when you should remember a couple of things before making the final decision.

building-commercial cleaning

The first thing you will need to put into consideration is the pricing of the services by the commercial cleaning company. There is a chance you have set a budget that you cannot go over, and this means you have the chance of ruling out the companies that are offering their services at a higher pricing than your budget. There is another trick you can use to reduce the cost of commercial cleaning, getting quotes from different companies and asking others if they are willing to match them. You will find that many will be happy to do so if it means getting a new contract which can last for a long time. You will end up paying less than what you would if you just accepted the first pricing you got. It may not always work, but there is a good chance.

Another important thing is checking the references that the commercial cleaning companies have provided.

When people get good services, they will be more than happy to recommend the good service, and this is good because it will show you that the company is in a position to provide quality services.

Finally, it is a good idea to ask the commercial cleaning company to come and work on the cleaning for a couple of weeks before you decide whether you would love to hire them to work with you in the long term or not. If the company doesn’t provide you with the services you were expecting, or if there is another reason you are not getting along with them, you will have an easier time getting out of the deal than signing a long-term contract and try to get out of it. You should always protect yourself and your interest when hiring anybody, but doing this will ensure you have made the right choice when hiring the cleaning company that is able to provide the services that you and your company needs, and this will benefit you a lot both in the short and long term.

You will enjoy working with the company.

Taking Your Cleaning Business to The Next Level With Business Coaching


It is always important to have someone you can trust and turn for advice when it comes to business. This is why many people are investing a business coach. There are some people who see it as a waste of money or time, but those who have tried it have been able to realize the many benefits of having a business coach.

A good business coach is one of the most important investment you will make because it will impact every aspect of your business and life.


How can business coaching help you in taking your cleaning business to the next level?

Building Confidence

Confidence is business is invaluable. Having a business coach support you will give you the space you need to work out challenges that enhance your confidence when you are faced with major situations, handling conflicts, or dealing with crises. You will be more confident when dealing with your workers and customers.

Understanding how to work with many different types of people

Business coaching will involve exercises around personality and leadership style, and it helps you understand yourself. You will be able to learn the different personality types and leadership characteristics. You will be dealing with different clients in your cleaning business, and you will be able to communicate with them in the best way that fits their personality. Knowing this will also help you know what they expect.

Asking the Right Questions

A business coach will ask you great questions that will challenge you to think more critically about your cleaning business. If the coach has experience in a different industry, you will get a chance to have someone bring a new perspective and help ask higher questions. There are some things you will different from other people, and it can sometimes be a good idea to look at it from another person point of view.

Financial planning

It can sometimes hard to plan a budget when you head is completely focused on marketing, potential growth and much more. Business coaches have worked with different companies, both big and small, to help them plan their finances, management and also marketing. They have been able to know the bad and the good and can help you make the right financial decision for your business.

Finding a business coach to work with will be the best investment you will ever make.


You will start to see some positive changes within a short period of working together.

10 Ways Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

smart phone

The Internet has become an integral part of our life, so much so we hardly spend a day without accessing it in some way or the other. In the past 20 odd years, the internet has transformed the world to such an extent that we take so many things, which were virtually impossible, for granted. So how has the internet changed our lives really?

Here is our list of the top 10 ways the Internet has changed our lives for good.

10 Ways Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

Instant access to Information:

Today the first place anyone turns to for information is the internet Not long ago people had to turn to their own books, their friends or the local library for information. Today, Information is freely available at the click of a button. There is hardly a question the omnipotent Google cannot answer.

It’s a small world out there:

From telephones and letters, we have moved on to social networks and online communities. Thanks to the internet, we are today able to communicate and befriend total strangers. We make friends online, whom we would not even have seen. Yes, face-to-face communication and bonding are still important, but distance is no longer a barrier for a relationship.

 Shopping, without the hassles:

Planning to buy the new 4k resolution TV? Or maybe a new bed, or planning a new wardrobe? You no longer have to step out of your home to buy what you desire. From the comfort of your armchair, you can order almost anything. You also get to compare prices from several online portals as well.

Never get lost:

Earlier visiting a new place or finding an address used to be a big challenge.

Today aided navigation is possible thanks to the mobile internet service. Now you will never get lost thanks to the ever-advancing navigation technology.

Your Laptop or the phone is your bank:

Earlier everyone had to visit their bank for even the most simple of transactions. Not anymore. Everything you can do at the bank barring physical withdrawal of cash, can be done any place that has internet access.

Entertainment Unlimited:

For movie buffs or music aficionados finding their favorite music or movie is no longer a difficult task. Anything and everything you want in entertainment is all available at one place. Maybe you are looking for the perfect action game? Again, the internet offers you a plethora of choices.

Work from Home:

Thanks to availability of high-speed internet, more and more companies are offering their workers the option to work from home. This is beneficial to both as the employee gets to work from work while the company gets to reduce overheads.

Explore the World:

Travel used to be an adventure, with people visiting strange lands with only a rudimentary knowledge of what to expect. Today you can plan your travel to the minutest detail thanks to the internet. From flight bookings to hotel rooms to guided tours, ask for anything and you get it.

Health awareness:

Today every person you talk to is a doctor, or so it seems. There is so much of information about health on the internet, that you can observe your symptoms and come to a broad understanding of what is ailing you. But self-diagnosis is dangerous. However, the internet also offers N number of ways to stay healthy and fit.

Changing Marketing Strategies:

With so much change in lifestyle by internet, marketing too has seen a sea of change.

Unlike mass marketing where everything was thrown at everyone, modern marketing companies are devising and executing strategies that target specific audiences with messages that will appeal to them.